Friday, June 13, 2008


A victory for selfishness. A victory for immaturity. A victory for small-minded nationalism. A (genuine) victory for "the marketing of fear".

We've just given two fingers to a noble human endeavour, a project designed to help the unique and wonderful peoples of Europe to join together and achieve good things in the world: embracing the arts, funding the sciences, providing a better humanitarian service. Instead, the 'No' campaign reduced this endeavour to short-term financial issues (will I lose my job?), and encouraged near mass-hysteria levels of fear (conscription, abortion, the return of Michael McDowell (wtf?)).

When I was born in 1981, the Republic was already a member of the EEC: I consider myself a European before being Irish. I would imagine that not many others share that view, and that many would call my "nationalism" into view. Up until today I was by and large proud of my heritage; I would, however, now cringe slightly if someone from the Continent asked where I was from.

I'm being extreme, and melodramatic, but heck, I'm disappointed.


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