Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Op. 1

So I brought my media box halfway around the country (in case of an entertainment emergency) but neglected to pack the zapper, so no Frasier over the b/hol unfortunately. just as well, the weather was cracking, esp in Crosshaven on Friday...

It was only on our return to B'rock that I realised that the over-priced widget that converts the red/yellow/white cables to SCART had become lost in transit somewhere between Cork & Dublin. Resigning myself to a return to the days of watching BSG on the laptop, I hooked the aforementioned HDD up via USB to see what eps I'm missing ... and the f***er performs what I like to describe as the "spin of death", whining away merrily to itself, and utterly failing to come anywhere near registering it's presence with my machine.

So that's it, my first venture into the blogosphere is to record my crankiness at the possible loss of my priceless film & TV collection.

It will get better - I hope to use this to record my experiences as my wife & I experience the birth of our first child. If I can drag my lazy ass down to the seashore, I might also stick up reports/pics from the 2008 Dublin sea swims ... although that's a big "IF" :)

So "Hello World!", and goodnight.

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