Sunday, June 8, 2008

T minus 14 days

Expected due date (EDD) is 22nd June. Things are certainly starting to come into focus now, what with practising our sling-wearing with teddybears as baby substitutes, and assembling nursery furniture (see below)...

I'm feeling quite excited - there's a tremendous sense of anticipation, that I'll finally get to meet this new, unique person: I expect to be awestruck, and completely bedazzled by their every unexpected thought. Running hand-in-hand with the anticipation is a small amount of apprehension: worries about the birth itself mainly, plus my complete lack of experience with regard to raising children of any age.

It actually feels a bit like being a kid on Christmas Eve: absolute joy & excitement with the thought of the presents, and a little bit of fear of Santa thrown in there as well. Joy, excitement and fear: a good way to know you're alive :)

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