Thursday, July 2, 2009

Give me some time, I just need a little time...

Almost a month to the day since my last blog post, sign of the times. As per my previous post, my days are feeling a little full recently. This is coinciding with what has been Fionn's most intense period of developmental growth to date, so I'm forcing myself to take some time out and document it - this is the stuff you don't want to forget!
  • He's started using his index finger to point to objects we're talking about - his vocabulary is insane: fish, cat, ladybird, trouser, cup, train, bus, bath, duck, bubble... The list goes on and on...
  • His first spoken word was probably 'fish', or 'down'. He has since added 'purple' and 'tractor' to his repertoire.
  • He has developed a skill we call 'speed-crawling' - Fionn realised that by pushing a flat object (e.g., a book, DVD, Wii game) along the carpet and crawling behind it (with either one or two hands) he can get around much faster :P He's also smart enough to flip the object over if there's less friction on the other side - go science!
  • He has a wonderful range of animal noises: kangaroo, horse (hooves), duck (i.e., all birds), dog, snake, monkey.
  • Most recent trick: walking! He has taken independent steps on a few occasions since his birthday, but he's much happier toddling and wobbling along beside you holding on to one hand. I'll try and get some video up of him on two feet as soon as I can convince him to perform on demand :)
There's obviously loads more, but there's no point putting it all down here, as he'll most likely do ten brand new things before breakfast tomorrow anyway. It's been a wonderful privilege to see him develop and grow his personality, and he's so engaged and attentive to the world around him that sometimes you would swear you were having a conversation with him. As these photos will attest, he's a real little boy now: our baby is all grown up :')

This one is just for you Foley-san...