Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A poem from Pop

The family laureate penned a welcome for Fionn: I give you Greg's ode to his grandson:

Epic journey.

Been getting ready for weeks now,
Putting the final touches
To my best suit,
Turning this way and that,
An occasional kick
To position my head
Towards the exit.

The softer voice had begun
To get a little more insistent,
“C’mon Baby, time to get moving”,
The other voice had got to Rivendell,
Sounds like a nice place,
After the terrors of the Hobbit journey. *

Sometimes the muffled noises
Are very loud as my head
Is being squeezed tightly,
And after what seems like years
Was it really only hours?
The pressure on my head eases,
Then quite suddenly
Way too much brightness
As I complete my epic journey.

* I read Fionn (then merely known as 'Bump') The Fellowship of the Ring during the pregnancy, hence the Rivendell connection :)

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