Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Upgrades, redux

So Picasa 3 caused me no small amount of agony and frustration yesterday. Picasa is very good at finger-snapping easy photo editing for those who can't be arsed learning to use the Gimp, but I have come to loathe pretty much every other aspect it, in particular the rubbish way it handles file/folder management, and most of all the lack of control it offers users trying to change their web preferences.

It is impossible to change the way Picasa connects to the web - from trial and error I discovered that it just inherits whatever Internet Explorer is set to. For a product from a "web" company, that is approaching criminal neglect. Most notebook users will float through a variety of different networks, some requiring proxy access, etc, - the only way to make Picasa realise that you've changed your connectivity settings is to...switch it off and switch it back on again. Rubbish. It is the most un-Google Google product I've used.

Also, since I'm ranting - Firefox updates: good. Firefox updates every second day, which randomly disable my beloved add-ons, so I've nary an idea which is working at any given time: bad.

Dave, very much in conservative, change-is-bad mode.

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