Sunday, September 28, 2008

Podcamp push

So Podcamp Ireland was fun, in lots of unexpected ways.

I met John McGuinness, Minister for State at DETE, and was very impressed with his outspoken support for blogging within the civil service. Just checked out his site there, and I seem to have missed the media storm from last week surrounding his comments on the civil service. Go get 'em John...

I also got a hug from Grannymar: the evidence is here, but a certain young Bohanna needs to share his photos properly! Keith - sort it out!!

Finally, I was immensely impressed with the first speaker I saw, Simon McGarr from Tuppenceworth, who spoke with passion and eloquence of his quest to improve the levels of media literacy and critical thinking of the nation's teens. I promised him I'd give his ideas a push, so check out his thoughts here.

Updated: Me and Grannymar!

Photo property of Keith Bohanna

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