Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Teeth and tears

So we passed the 12-week milestone, and, ahead of schedule, Fionn is showing all the signs of teething. I'd like it added to the court record that none of us is best pleased about this. Most of the time he's grand, he's either showing off his new trick of blowing bubbles, or simply stuffing both fists into his mouth. However...

This evening was a particularly low point, made worse by my stubborn refusal to give Fionn some Calpol - I try and avoid taking painkillers myself, so why would I inflict them on my son? Bad logic by yours truly.

We were trying to put him down for a sleep at the time, and a mixture of pain and tiredness had him in tears for over an hour. Bad parenting by yours truly.

Within 10 minutes of S administering the Calpol he was asleep. Poor little tyke.

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Ennis Swimmer said...

The bitch about judgement calls is that you never know that you've got it wrong until afterwards.