Sunday, August 10, 2008

A quiet time

My grandfather, Jim McInerney, died last Thursday, aged 83. He was buried yesterday in Limerick, where he spent nearly all of his life.

He was a good, kind man - a carpenter and shipwright by trade, whose passion for his craft led to the publication (at the age of 80) his book on a local type of fishing boat.

I have a lifetime of memories of him - but in particular I remember the hot dinners he used to bring me in Fanore. I was lifeguarding the beach in June 2000, and he would walk from his caravan with a dinner that Alice had made, carrying it on a plate covered with tinfoil. It was a selfless act, taking food to a cocky young grandson, too self-absorbed to really appreciate what was being done for him - an act that highlights all that was great about him, and everything that he will be missed for. I wish I had seen the love that he was showing me then for what it was. Life lesson learnt.

I'm so glad he got to meet Fionn, his fourth great-grandchild, for he was truly a great grandfather.

Jim McInerney

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