Friday, July 25, 2008

Dave recommends...

Microsoft eh? Hard to escape the hegemony, and tbh it's mostly ripped-off, poor quality bloatware that is nigh on impossible to customise to do what a user actually wants it to do. For example, trying to get rid of the "Security Bar" on IE7. Joke.

But, I stand (er, sit) here today, and doff my hat to Redmond. Can't remember what exactly brought me to it, but stumbled upon (ha) the Bird's Eye view setting in Live Search Maps (what an awful name, wtf is wrong with Microsoft Maps?).

Anyway, the detail in the view, and the ability to swing 360 in most cases is mind-blowing. Check out Thomond Park under construction. Of course, as I'm blogging this, I've spotted a slight drawback (slight as in the foreskin of an elephant): you can't embed the maps in page, unless you're blogging via Microsoft Live Spaces. Crap. Sort it out before you head Bill.

Verdict? Unbeliveably satisfying for those "I can see my house/office/pet dog from here" moments, but useless for sharing.

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