Saturday, May 9, 2009

Huggin' up the big Munster man

A brief post, more of a vehicle for showing the world what a marvellously handsome son I have than anything else.

By the way, this face in this jersey will make future generations of Leinster players quake in their high-heeled boots...

All of these pics are from our trip home to Clare last weekend, which we spent shuttling between Ennis and Moymore. Good weather (mostly), good food, good times - apart from the minor issue of a certain rugby result, which I don't feel so bad about right now as I just found out that Shannon beat 'tarf :P

Fionn on his new birthday bike:

Fionn keeping the Scanlon g'parents entertained in the cottage:

Fionn with a selection of lady admirers - Sarah, Granny Colette, and Aunt Julie & Granny Jean :

I've loads more photos from these sets, if you want to see more drop me a line in the comments section :)


Paudie said...

Do it.

Loving the close up of Jean and the wee lad, it's all about the eyes.

the electric monk said...

Done :)