Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catholic Church in Ireland

The recent report on the horror and depravity visited on children by the Catholic Church in Ireland has gone some way towards bringing the issue to the public's attention, but personally I feel more needs to be done.

I am not happy that much needed tax monies are being spent by the State (via the Residential Institutions Redress Board), shouldering the brunt of the culpability of the Catholic Church in Ireland. Yes, the State (and especially the Department of Education) have some share of the blame, but the Catholic Church have been shown to have wilfully manipulated the system to maximise their own gains.

I am not happy with the response of any of the leaders of the political parties - where is the outrage, the moral indignation? The pathetic attempts at an apology from the Christian Brothers are a complete insult, both to survivors and to the rest of the Irish people. Where is the response from the Archbishops, where is the response from the Vatican?

I'm not happy to let this issue just die away, briefly discussed in the Dail, then forgotten about in the ugly rush to polling day. I wrote this post to highlight the atrocities committed by the Catholic Church in Ireland, and if anyone reads it and feels the same, I would hope that they would do likewise and spread the word.

P.S. This is one of the most tragic and bravest things I have ever seen, institutional abuse survivor confronts Minister on Q&A.

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