Sunday, March 1, 2009


So my wife and child are ill. It's Fionn's first cold, and he has my heart broken trying to teach him how to blow his nose. He seems happy enough when he's awake just to sit and blow snot bubbles (nice...) but he's been quite upset at night as he's finding it quite difficult to breathe :( Poor chap. Well, one sickness in eight months is a pretty good return, I'm thankful we've gotten off so lightly.

Sinead's suffering with a head cold as well, compounded by lack of sleep (see above), so I took Fionn out for a walk (well wrapped up, for any Grannies reading this!!) to Dun Laoighre. I think I must have offended some Rain God somewhere, because the only cloud in an otherwise unblemished blue sky dumped it's load on us as we were sitting eating rusks on the West Pier - interrupting what was an otherwise idyllic father-son bonding experience... Although we do now have the shared experience of sitting looking like a pair of drowned rats on the DART home :)

Anyway, enough talk I hear you say, give me some media! First up, the obligatory clip of the nude child in the bath:

And the highlight of the show: Fionn crawls! It isn't the most graceful thing you'll ever see, and certainly puts one in mind of drunken elephants, but you can't fault him for determination :)


Anonymous said...

before he's running. Provided he has baby grows that fit and don't dangle off his feet and trip him up :P

Loving the leg waving in the air technique

Ennis Swimmer said...

well done Fionn love the high kick in the air,it gave Granny & Grandad a good laugh before we go to bed. A momentous moment.

roisin said...

i must admit i played and replayed the almost topple at 44 seconds , hilarious and shoud def revive the break dancer in all of us! go fionn!!! x