Monday, March 9, 2009

BizCamp multimedia hoard

BizCamp was a fantastic success this weekend, and I'll post some other time about all the great people I met there, but just wanted to do a quick post to try and pull together the various media coverage from the day.

RTE news segment:

Campbell Scott, IGOPeople:

Caelan King, RevaHealth:

Keith Bohanna, dbTwang:

Fred at also has some photos from Saturday over at Flickr. Paul May of Front Design also has a set up.

I'm hoping to have the radio interviews up here shortly as well, stay tuned.

Update: 09-03-09 21:19

Slides from Paul Browne & John Magill's presentation on EI funding:

Aidan Kenny, who gave a great presentation on adding services to your existing business, has posted his slides here.

Update: 10-03-09 10:42

SiliconRepublic have a piece covering the event.

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